Henning Family History

Henning Family History

The family history of

Helen Hazel Henning

This site outlines our information on Jim’s mother’s family.  Surnames include HENNING, PRICE, ASHCRAFT, SMITH WHEELER, LOHSE, ABLE, RYAN, EVANS, FOLTZ, RUTLEDGE, MICHELS, EVANS, SARTORIUS, BRUNS, SMOOT, BLAKEMORE, VEALE, HADEN, HUGHES, HAMBLEN, DICKENSON, DALE, SKIPWITH, BEHRENS, BEHRENDS and descendants of English, French, Spanish and Italian Kings, and Sureties of the Magna Charta, starting in 534.  Their descendents first arrived in the colonies in beginning in the 1630’s lived in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, California and elsewhere.  Some descendants fought in the American Revolution and in the Civil War (Andrew Henning & Frederick Henning died in the Civil War).  Note: This site will start with early American Colonies or about 1630.  For ancestry prior to the 1600’s see the ancestry of our sons David and Matthew

Descendents of

  1. Frederick Henning (1794-unk) and his wife Catherine ??(1805-unk)           Henning Family Photos
  2.     Richard Ashcraft (1575-unk) and his wife Dorothy Towers(1575-unk)
  3.     Unknown Smith (b: abt 1800)
  4. Benjamin Price (1749-1838) and his wife Eleanor Smoot (1758-1843)         Price Family Photos
  5.     William Smute (1596-1671) and his wife Grace ?? (1612-1665/66)
  6.       Maurice Veale (unk-1695) and his wife Dorothy ?? (unk - 1738)
  7.     James Blakemore (abt 1950 - ??) and his wife ??
  8. Ameling Melchers Sartorius (1684-1764) and his wife Rickent Janssen (1689-1734)