Carlberg Family History

Carlberg Family History

The family history of

Robert Everett Carlberg

This site outlines our information on Jim’s father’s family.   Surnames include CARLBERG, BÄCK, JONSON, and HOLMSTROM who emigrated from Döderhult, Kalmar län (Småland), Sweden in the 1870’s and settled in Illinois.   Additional surnames include BISHOP, BIRKHEAD, BURKHEAD, CRUME, KLAUBERG, MARKS, MCCOY, RIETSCHY, ROBERTSON, WISE.   Their descendents lived in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and elsewhere.   In 1853 two Marks families traveled the Oregon Trail with wagon train — Bluford Brookins Marks family, and Elizabeth Parker Kays Marks (Isaac Marks widow) with her children & her sister.   Some descendants fought in the American Revolution and in the Civil War (including LEVI MARKS who was killed 17 Sep 1862 at Antietam Creek, Washington County, Maryland. A member of Company H, 51st Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania).

Descendents of

  1. Carlberg and Jonson/Holmstrom Swedish ancestry                   Carlberg Family Photos
  2. George Marks (1740-1809) and his wife Susanah Crocket (1744-unk)     Marks Family Photos
  3.       Philip D Crume (1724-1801) and his wife Sarah Withers(1730-1787)
  4.         Christopher Birkehead
  5.       Solomon Bishop (1755-1834) and his wife Catherine ???
  6.     Solomon McCoy (1761-unk) and his wife Lois ??? (1765-unk)
  7.       Christopher Wise (1785-Aft. 1860) and his wife Lois ??? (1783-Aft. 1860)
  8. Robert Robertson ( abt 1785-Bef. 1850) and his wife Elizabeth Reynolds ( abt 1786-1865)     Robertson Family Photos
  9.     Peter Daniel Klauberg / Thomaser Matthias1 Von Au