Henry Family Documents

Henry Family Documents

Thomas Henry Family

These documents were a box from the household of Thomas & Rosanna containing family records & correspondence.  These documents were in the possession of Mary Ellen Henry Roderick until her death in Mar 2006 and are presently in the possession of Ellen Roderick and Joan Roderick Carlberg, granddaughters of Thomas & Rosanna:

  1. Images of Thomas F. Henry's Little (abt 4.5" x 2.25")  Black Book  of personal notes
  2. April 12, 1901 Immigration Inspection Card for Thomas Henry on the ship New England from Cork (Queenstown), Ireland.
  3. Thomas Henry's United States Citzenship certificate awarded 13 August 1906. View the document front   and document back
  4. Thomas Henry's employment verfication letter dated 25 Aug 1906 at   Corwin Manufacturing Co.
  5. March 20, 1907 Immigration Inspection Card for Thomas Henry on return from Ireland. The name of the ship was the S.S. Ivernia
  6. Thomas Henry's 1917-1918  Draft Registration Card
  7. Thomas Henry's  1947 Job Description and 1945 pay envelopes
  8. Thomas Henry's  1950 Retirement Letter
  9. Letters and Correspondence received by Thomas Henry
  10. Documents associated with the Thomas Henry's death, funeral, and cemetery site.

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