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Ellen Roderick's trip photos and information related to the Sheridan family.

On 10/17/2008, Ellen Roderick wrote:

Attached is a [pdf] report on my examination of the baptismal records for Rosanna Veronica Sheridan Henry (Nana Henry) and her siblings. I visited the Killasser Rectory, Killasser, Swinford, County Mayo, Ireland on 10/3/08 and found the attached information.

Up to now, we believed that Nana Henry had 3 sisters (Mary Ellen, Celia, Belinda) and 1 brother (Pat Dan). However, three additional siblings are listed: 2 brothers and 1 sister (all born before 1900).

Jim Carlberg's report from the 1901 Ireland Census of Mayo County lists only 4 children: Celia, Pat, Belinda, and Rosana. We do know that Mary Ellen came to the USA in 1899, arriving in Boston on May 7, 1899. So she was not listed in the 1901 Ireland Census. Also, the three final siblings were not listed, so it may be safe to assume that M. Joseph, Jn, and Margaret Teresa died as babies or very young children having been born in 1887,1890, and 1892.

On 10/3/08, Walter Henry Jr. took Ellen to the homesite of the Sheridans located as follows:

   Fross (the townland),    Killasser (the village),    Swinford (the large town),    County Mayo,    Ireland.

Fross is located approximately 4 miles from Carns & Tobberoddy. Although Nana and Grandpa Henry lived in different counties (Mayo and Sligo respectively), the Henry and Sheridan families were quite close in proximity. Both locations are north of the River Moy.

There is a "new" house built on the Sheridan homesite; a German couple and their new baby live in the home. Although I did not meet them, Father Dan O'Mahoney (the priest at the Killasser church) told me that he was baptizing that baby on 10/4/08. The abandoned Sheridan "cottage" was difficult to photograph for two reasons: (1) it is covered by a great deal of brush; and (2) the day we drove in there, two huge dogs were in the driveway barking at us (and I am terrified of dogs), so although Walter was willing to stop the car for me to get out, I could not do so because I was fearful.

A sign that we were entering County Mayo.
(10/ 3/2008)

The "new" cottage on the Fross property.  (10/ 3/2008)

The old Sheridan homestead view 1.  (10/ 3/2008)

The old Sheridan homestead view 2.  (10/ 3/2008)

The old Sheridan homestead view 3.  (10/ 3/2008)

The old Sheridan homestead view 4.  (10/ 3/2008)

The following photos of the Sheridan's church -- All Saints -- now known as the Killasser Church. This is where Nana Henry and her seven siblings were baptized. It is about a ten minute drive (on back roads) from the town of Swinford to the village of Killasser. At the present time, the village has the church, the rectory, an elementary school, a community center, and a pub along with homes.

Ellen visited Killasser twice, first with Walter Henry Jr. on 10/3/08 and then with Gene McLoone on Sunday, 10/5/08 where they attended 11:30 am mass. After mass we adjourned to the Killasser Community Center (down the hill) for a bake sale. They had a lovely visit with members of the parish along with the priest, Father Dan O'Mahoney who had helped Ellen on Friday with the baptismal records in the rectory.

Signposts for Killasser and for the church.  (10/ 5/2008)

Walter Henry Jr. and Father Dan in front of the Killasser church.   (10/ 3/2008)

Ellen with the back of the church in the background.
(10/ 3/2008)

The altar in the church.   (10/ 3/2008)

The baptismal font in the church.   (10/ 3/2008)

Gene and Ellen with Father Dan at the bake sale in the Killasser Community Center.
(10/ 5/2008)

Ellen tried to find the Sheridan grave site. But she has no photo and had no evidence that there is a gravestone. Walter Henry Jr. had done some preliminary investigations prior to Ellen's arrival. Killasser has one cemetery that contains older sections and newer sections. While meeting with Father Dan at the Killasser church rectory, he informed them that the church does not have death records or records of where people are buried in the Killasser Cemetery. He told Ellen that death records would be located for County Mayo residents at the courthouse in the county seat -- the town of Castlebar.

Ellen did not have the opportunity to travel to Castlebar and research the death records but that is on the list for the next visit. She really wants to find the records for the Sheridan family. It appears that Nana Henry's three youngest siblings all died as babies or young children because none of them appear in the 1901 census records that Jim Carlberg has documented.

The photos are of the Killasser Cemetery. Walter Jr. and Ellen walked around the cemetery looking at some stones. The older sections were down over a hillside and many of the gravestones were turned over. So it was just impossible to do serious searching in that cemetery for the limited time we had that Friday. Oh well, a goal for the next visit.

Killasser has one cemetery sign.   (10/ 3/2008)

Killasser has one cemetery sign.   (10/ 3/2008)

Killasser has one cemetery sign.   (10/ 3/2008)

Killasser has one cemetery sign.   (10/ 3/2008)

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